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Planning And Preperation

Working with you and your goals to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

NDIS Planning And Preperation

It can be very confusing and difficult applying for the NDIS and understanding what it can offer you. We can support you through this process, find out if you are eligible, and support you through each step.

NDIS Preperation


First of all, you will meet with a person from the NDIA. With this person you will identify your goals and what you would like to achieve through the NDIS. If you are unsure about this we can support you before your initial consultation to ensure you are prepared. This is an important stage because it will determine what supports will be included in your plan. You will have the chance to review and update your plan after 12 months, for more information on how we can support you with this please see our review page.


Your NDIS Plan


When you have your NDIS plan we can help you access the supports included based on what you identified as your goals. With our support we can ensure that you will have independent advice and choice on the supports you receive. We understand the importance of getting the most out of your plan because it determines the supports you will have access to under the NDIS.

For further information on your NDIS pathway please view the video below.

To find out more information about planning for the NDIS please contact us. Or visit

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