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NDIS Implementation Planning

The NDIS presents many challenges which provide great opportunities with the right strategy.

Supporting NDIS Implementation Plannning

We provide tailored individualised packages to organisations and individuals that ensure smooth transition to the NDIS with independent advice on workforce planning and strategy.

What Is The NDIS?


The NDIS is still new and many organisations are struggling to adapt to the delivery of services and revenue streams. It is understandable for organisations to go through a difficult transition period because they have become used to operating under the previous model. The NDIS provides people with disability with more choice on the services they receive and how they receive it.

Here are the main issues for organisations:

  • Adapting service delivery

  • Understanding consumer needs

  • Knowing what is and is not funded by the NDIS

  • Managing revenue and cash flow

  • Managing overheads

Supporting Your Business


We will work closely with you to develop a tailored plan.

  • Research

  • Access to expertise

  • Well established networks

  • Experience


What our customers have to say:

"Disability Consulting Support delivered NDIS preparedness training for NewIDAFE in 2016. The training was well presented with excellent feedback from all staff on Chris' knowledge of the sector, how he engages with an audience and his sense of humour" - Debbie Dyke, CEO, NewIDAFE Inc.

Contact us for more information or to discuss how we can support you.

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