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Community Participation

Supporting you to achieve your social, health, recreation and life goals.

Innovative Community Participation

Independent advice and choice of activities, with a support person and provider of your choice. Learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy new experiences. We will work with you to make sure you are participating in community activities and events you really want to be part of.

Activities And Events

There is a limitless range of activities and events you can do with us. You let us know what you would like to do and we will support you to achieve it. Some of these activities (but are not limited to) may include:

Sports And Exercise

Enjoy swimming, bush walking, fishing, indoor sports like netball and basketball.

Hobbies And Skills

You may want to learn a musical instrument, join a drama or acting class, or learn new computer skills.

Social Activities

Enjoying social events with others such as dance parties, movie nights, and BBQs.

The possibilities are endless.

Valuable Life Skills

These skills can be extremely valuable for all people because they help them with their everyday lives and achieving their goals and independence. Some of these skills (but are not limited to) may include:

Cooking And Health

Learning to buy ingredients from the shops, cooking, and healthy living.

Household Skills

Learning to budget and pay bills, cleaning and domestic tasks.

Travel Skills

Learning how to use the bus service, catch a taxi, or gaining your driver's licence.


These are just a few ideas of what you could do.

Why Choose Us

We will work with you to support you to achieve your goals. If your goal is something a bit different we can still help you to achieve it, that is what makes us different. We give you choice and independent advice rather than just providing you with a list of things you could do.

Choosing a support person is very important because you will spend a lot of time with them. We give you choice in choosing a support person you are happy with, and they can support you in activities with multiple providers.

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