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Coordination Of Supports

Independent advice and choice of supports which help you achieve your goals.

NDIS Coordination Of Supports

Once you have your NDIS plan you are ready to access the supports included in your plan. Under the NDIS you can access various supports from multiple providers depending on what they offer and what you want. This is referred to as 'coordination of supports' and is where we can help you make the most of your NDIS plan.


Coordinating Multiple Providers


Disability Consulting Support will provide you with independent advice and choice on what supports best suit you and why. Under the NDIS you can access supports from as many different providers as you would like. This helps you because you have the choice to choose the provider and the support which best suits you. With our local knowledge we can help you coordinate your supports in a way which provides the most benefit for you.


Choice Of Support Person


We can connect you with one of our own support people who can deliver support to you with multiple providers. This way you will know you have a support person you are comfortable with when you receive support from multiple providers. The consistency of having the same person you like will provide you with assurances and comfort you deserve.

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